Fairbnb – Born 6th January 2014

Jump for winery joy!

Here we are, the beginning of a unique network designed to enable Airbnb hosts and guests to discuss the good, the bad, the funny and the ugly parts of being a part of the Airbnb global short-term rental machine.

At Fairbnb HQ, we expect our enlightened and esteemed members (as they join) will enjoy a fair and balanced approach to the commentary directly of and around Airbnb as a growing Web Product / Platform / Social Hug deliver-er.

Our focus will be on providing a vibrant and exciting community environment to guests and hosts of all walks of life. We will also be delivering the good juice regarding new ideas, features and tips for the platform along with driving discussion around the political landscape of using Airbnb and what that can or cannot mean – we’ll attempt to join in on the discussion rather than railroading it in a certain direction or ethos.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the ride on Fairbnb – The unoffical social network for Airbnb Hosts & Guests.

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